Cine Support


U.S. customers, please choose the most convenient service center listed below for SIGMA Cine product service. For repair outside the U.S., please contact:

Send cine repairs to:

Attn: Service Department
15 Fleetwood Court
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Tel: 631 227-2036
Fax: 631 585-1895

Authorized Cine Services Centers

(Note: These service centers are for Cine Products Only – Do not send Photo Products)

Please print the Cine Service Request Form below and include the form with the product you are sending for service to your closest authorized cine service center.

Abel Cine LA

801 South Main Street

Burbank, CA 91506

Tel: 888.700.4416

Tel: 818.972.9078

Fax: 818.972.2673

Abel Cine NY

88 35th Street 4th Fl

Brooklyn, NY 11232

Tel: 888.223.1599

Tel: 646.933.9800

Fax: 212.462.0199

Duclos Lenses, Inc.

20222 Bahama Street

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Tel: 818 773-0600

Fax: 818 773-0601

Mount Conversion

SIGMA Cine lens mount can be converted to the other available mounts by SIGMA America and SIGMA Authorized Cine Service Centers. Due to the electronic contacts, required parts and necessary adjustments, mount conversion cannot be done by the end user.

The Conversion charge is $498 including parts and labor. *Subject to mount, parts and service availability. This service is not offered for PL mount lenses. Please check the specific product page to check availability in different mounts.

Please send your Cine lens to either SIGMA America or an Authorized SIGMA Cine Repair Center (listed below). Include the Mount Conversion Request Form when you send in your product.

Cine Back Focus

Fine back-focusing adjustment to achieve optimal performance on your cameras.

Focus Ring Notation Conversion Service

SIGMA can convert the notation on the focus ring from either feet or meter, and to the other after purchase as necessary.

Fully Luminous Painting Service

The specification, gradation baseline, lens change indications, and rings all feature luminous paint for enhanced visibility. The upgrade is available after purchase.

Torque Adjustment Service

Torque adjustment of each ring to meet users' preference.