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Cine Lenses

Is the optical formula of SIGMA cine lenses the same as that of their still photo lenses with the same focal length?

Yes, the optical formulas of the cine lenses are the same as the still photo lenses of the same focal length. This allows us to offer the outstanding optical performance of the Sigma Global Vision still lenses in a form factor better suited to video production.

How do SIGMA cine lenses and photo lenses differ?

Our cine lenses feature a completely updated mechanical system, better optimized for modern cinematography. Further, each of our cine lenses features dust and splash-proof construction, as well as larger angles of rotation for the iris, focus and zoom rings.

Are the SIGMA cine lenses compatible with my camera?

Our cine lenses are available in the Arri PL mount, Canon EF mount and Sony E-mount, allowing them to be used by most cine cameras on the market.

Can I convert the mount of my SIGMA cine lens for use with other camera bodies?

While the SIGMA cine lens mounts may be converted for use with other camera bodies, they are unable to be converted by users. Please contact our service team for more information on the Mount Conversion Service.

Does the Mount Conversion Service incur a fee?

Yes, Mount Conversion is a paid service. Pricing will vary depending on the mount being converted to, please contact our service team for more information.

Why are the PL mounts not covered by the Mount Conversion Service?

The internal mechanism of the SIGMA PL mount cine lenses are very different from EF and E mount. Therefore to change the mount, we need to dismantle the whole lens. To guarantee the performance of the lens upon reassembly requires the same equipment as building the lens from scratch. Considering the time and cost required, we have decided not to include the PL mount in the conversion service.

Does focus breathing occur with the SIGMA cine lenses?

Each model is different, but certain models may exhibit more focus breathing than in lenses designed exclusively as cine lenses.

Are the SIGMA cine zoom lenses parfocal?

In general, a perfectly parfocal lens is nearly impossible to achieve in production. That said, SIGMA does go to great lengths to reduce focus shift throughout the zoom range as much as possible. As with many cine zoom lenses, the SIGMA cine zooms are nearly parfocal.

What is the angle of rotation of the focus ring of SIGMA cine lenses?

It is 180°.

What is the angle of rotation of the iris ring of SIGMA cine lenses?

It is 60°.

What is the angle of rotation of the zoom ring of SIGMA cine lenses?

It is 160°.

What is the front diameter of the new SIGMA Cine lenses?

It is 95mm.

Does the camera upload and record meta data from the new SIGMA Cine lenses?

The lens mount establishes an electronic connection with the camera, allowing lens data to be transmitted (focal length, shooting distance, aperture, etc.). The data that is recorded varies by camera. PL lenses needed to be equiped with the Cooke /Itechnology to transmit meta data.