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Full Protection
All brand-new SIGMA lenses purchased from a U.S. authorized SIGMA dealer are covered by a 4-Year Warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship only. (SIGMA fp cameras and CINE lenses come exclusively with a 1-Year Warranty.) Your warranty period begins the day you purchase your SIGMA camera, lens, and/or flash. (Please read the Service Policy and refer to the warranty policy included with your product for more information.)

When sending in your SIGMA product for warranty service, please be sure to include a copy of the original sales receipt as proof of purchase (the start date of your warranty). Any damage deemed beyond normal use will void all warranties. This includes sand damage, water damage, and external force.

Protect Your Investment
Have peace of mind knowing that SIGMA stands behind its customers and products. Register your new SIGMA product for insurance purposes in case it is lost or stolen. Our warranty system works as a registry to maintain a history of all SIGMA products you owned, even after warranty expiration. 

To Register Your Product
To register your SIGMA product, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your SIGMA account, or create your SIGMA account below.
  • From the dashboard, click on "Warranty Registration" on the left-side menu. 
  • Click "Add New Warranty".
  • Fill out all required fields, then click "Save Warranty".
  • When your product is registered, it will appear under "My Warranties" from the "Warranty Registration" menu.
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Cine Warranty

Thank you for purchasing your SIGMA product. It is important to note that any SIGMA extended warranty is valid only on purchases made by residents of the United States from a U.S. authorized SIGMA dealer.

The Extended Service Protection becomes void if:

  • Damage is caused during service performed by someone other than a SIGMA Corporation of America service center technician or authorized repair center. 
  • If the product has had its serial number(s) removed or altered.
  • Malfunctions or unsatisfactory performance is caused by anything other than defective parts or workmanship.
  • It is determined that the product was not imported into the United States by SIGMA Corporation of America or that the product was not sold by SIGMA Corporation of America directly or through one of its U.S. authorized dealers. 

**IMPORTANT** Please note that registering your product does not require proof of purchase and is instead based on the date of purchase. Proof of purchase will, however, be required upon servicing of any/all products under warranty. It will be assumed that registration information accurately reflects the information on the proof of purchase. 

Proof of purchase must show that the product was purchased new and from an authorized SIGMA dealer and is not transferable. If the information conflicts, information stated on the sales receipt will be deemed accurate and true and the warranty will be assessed accordingly.

Grey Market

SIGMA Corporation of America is the only authorized importer/distributor of SIGMA products in the United States and provides service and support for those products.

The Truth
What seems attractive at first glance often hides a different story underneath. Grey imported products have often changed hands many times; these products are typically removed from their protective packaging and stored in less-than-optimal conditions, which might affect the efficiency and lifespan of the product. In summary, these importers undercut legitimate retailers and deceive well-intentioned customers because of their irregular practices.  

Grey market products may contain a limited warranty from the seller, but they are not covered by SIGMA Corporation of America’s warranty, and additional charges may apply for repair of those products. Legitimate U.S.-designated products come with different manuals, warranty cards, and accessories compared to the versions intended for sale in other global markets.

The majority of grey market products are sold online at discounted prices. Look for the following terms, which often indicate that a product is grey market:

  • Warranty via Seller
  • Seller Warranty
  • USA Coverage by Seller
  • USA Seller Warranty
  • International Version/International Warranty
  • Gray/Grey Market
  • Off Market
  • Direct Import
  • Import Model
  • PE (Professional Edition)

Any product that is not imported by SIGMA Corporation of America or that is purchased from an unauthorized SIGMA dealer will not be serviced under warranty regardless of the service required. The SIGMA Corporation of America Service Department will service these products for a minimum $250 charge in addition to the required parts and labor charges at the owner’s expense.

**Please note: Any SIGMA product with a missing or invalid serial number is considered a “tampered product” and will be ineligible for any manufacturer warranty.

For more information please check Service and Support Policy, or contact us directly.