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Can you send me a printed lens brochure?

Yes, just phone or email us and we will post you a printed brochure. You can also find brochures here on our downloads page. 


Why did SIGMA choose to use an electronic shutter in the fp camera?

While we know that the performance of rolling distortion and flash synchronization with an electronic shutter are inferior to that of a mechanical shutter, we believe that the electronic shutter is superior in its ability to downsize the overall camera assembly, maintain quiet operation and promise long-term durability. For these reasons, we decided the electronic shutter was more suitable for the overall concept of the fp.

Will the fp exhibit a flicker effect due to the electronic shutter?

Flicker exhibited by light sources is automatically detected and settings are adjusted to reduce this phenomenon when shooting in P and A modes. However, flicker reduction is not implemented when shooting in S or M mode, so flicker may appear depending on the selected shutter speed. Similarily, the flicker reduction function is not implemented when shooting with EIS (Electronic Shake Reduction) or HDR shooting activiated.

There seems to be no dust removal mechanism employed in the fp, how can I keep the sensor from becoming dirty?

Because the fp is an interchangeable lens type camera, there is no way to prevent the entry of dust from the mount entirely. There is however an IR glass filter in place in front of the sensor to prevent dust from reaching the delicate surface of the sensor itself. This glass filter has been position as far away from the sensor as possible to prevent any dust collected from impacting image quality.

Why doesn't the fp have an EVF?

Considering the design concept of the fp, to create a seamless, scalable and pocketable full-frame camera, we decided not to increase the size of the camera by including an integrated EVF. Instead, we have designed a dedicated accessory, the LVF-11, which allows you an unobstructed view of the rear LCD with a 2.5x magnification.

Why doesn't the fp have dual memory card slots?

Considering the design concept of the fp, to create a seamless, scalable and pocketable full-frame camera, we decided not to increase the size of the camera by including dual memory card slots. Instead, we have designed the fp to be capable of recording directly to an external SSD should you require a higher storage capacity than a singe SD card allows.

What is the Director's Viewfinder function of the fp?

The fp's Director's Viewfinder mode allows you to check the combination of the angle of view projected by your lens and the recording area used by your primary camera. By selecting your primary camera's brand name, camera model and resolution settings from the fp's menu, using the fp in this mode can help you to simulate a scene more quickly than testing with your primary camera.

Photo Lenses

Are SIGMA lenses compatible with my camera?

Please refer to our compatibility chart here. If you have any further questions, please contact SIGMA Corporation of America at 1-(800) 896-6858 or via email at

Please refer to our compatibility chart here. If you have any further questions, please contact SIGMA Corporation of America at 1-(800) 896-6858 or via email at

My lens is back/front focusing; is there something wrong with it? What should I do?

Please do not panic and do not return your lens. In the majority of cases, there is nothing wrong with your lens; each lens is manufactured in exactly the same way and adjusted on an optical collimator prior to departing our factory. This process checks to ensure all elements are aligned optically, calibrates the lens, and ensures proper focus operation. The issue of front and/or back focusing in most cases comes as a result of the viewfinder autofocusing system implemented in DSLR type cameras. There is a quick solution to this situation.

In 2013 SIGMA introduced our Global Vision lens line along with the USB dock, an accessory that allows you to calibrate the autofocus data of any SIGMA Global Vision lens. To find out more information on this process please consult the USB dock page.

If your camera offers an "AF Fine Tune" or "Microfocus Adjustment" feature, you can also use this function to address calibration. If this feature is not available in your camera's menu, we can also calibrate your SIGMA lens to any variation in your camera's viewfinder focusing system. This process will be done within 48 hours of your lens and camera being received by our service department. There is no charge for this service during the warranty period of the lens, and we will cover the cost of return shipping back to you. Please refer to our returns page for further information.

Some SIGMA lenses are designated as "DC", "DG" or "DN." What do these designations mean?

The DC and DG designations indicate what image sensor format the lens was designed for. Lenses designated as DC are designed excluseivley for use with digital cameras utilizing an APS-C size image sensor. Lenses designated as DG are designed for use with digital cameras utilizing a full-frame image sensor; these lenses may also be used with cameras utilizing an APS-C size sensor as well. Lenses designated as DN are designed exclusively for the shorter flange distances found in mirrorless camera systems.

Some SIGMA lenses feature an "HSM" designation, what does it stand for?

HSM stands for Hyper Sonic Motor, it is a type of autofocus motor. The benefits of an HSM motor are virtually silent autofocus operation and very quick autofocus response.


Can I use my SIGMA flash on any camera?

No, Each camera system has a unique flash protocol and hot shoe and SIGMA flash will only properly mount and function on the camera system that is made for.

Does the external flash automatically adjust its zoom position for the 1.7x focal length multiplier?

No, SIGMA flashes are designed to provide an angle of coverage that accommodates the picture area of a standard 35mm film camera. The area covered by the flash will, therefore, be larger than the recorded image due to the 1.7X focal length multiplier of the camera.


I've heard I could get my old SIGMA lens "re-chipped;" is this possible?

Unfortunately no, it is not possible for us to "re-chip" older lenses. In 2005 SIGMA introduced re-writable firmware to our DC and DG lenses, enabling us to update lens firmware from our service facilities. In 2013 SIGMA introduced the Global Vision lens line along with the USB dock accessory, which enables you to update lens firmware yourself without sending the lens into our service facility. While these design changes promise better future-proof designs going forward, they cannot be applied retroactively to existing designs. To find out more information on how to update the firmware of your Sigma Global Vision lens, consult the USB dock page.

Mount Conversion

Are all SIGMA lenses supported by the mount conversion service?

Only SIGMA lenses from our new Global Vision line (Contemporary, Art and Sports) are compatible with this service.

Are there any functional restrictions to the lens after the mount conversion?

No, the function of the converted lens will be the same as those originally manufactured in the new mount.

Can I request to convert my lens to any mount?

Yes, as long as the optical formula of your existing lens is available in the requested mount.

How much does the mount conversion service cost? How does it impact my lens' warranty?

Mount Conversion is a paid service, regardless of warranty status. Conversion costs vary depending on what mount the lens is being converted to, please visit our services page for specific pricing. The warranty for this service is 6 months. If you are within your 4 year manufacturer's warranty, you can continue the remaining time of your original warranty. If your original manufacturer's warranty is expiring in less than 6 months from when you receive this service, the 6 month mount conversion warranty will be added to your original warranty.

How long does a mount conversion take?

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the Mount Conversion Service to be completed. Some products need to be sent back to the factory for conversion which may result in longer turn around time.

How can I request this service?

Please contact SIGMA America Service dept. via email at or by phone: (631) 227-2036. Outside of the U.S. please contact your nearest country representative directly.

Is it possible to revert to the original mount?

Yes, please request the service again, and we will proceed with another mount conversion as a new request with a new charge.

Is there any risk of performance degradation after the mount conversion?

Please be assured that mount conversion will be completed on the basis of the measuring system and concept exactly as it is with our three new product lines.

With this service, can I exchange my lens for a new lens?

No, we will only replace the key components and mount part of your lens. Optimization will be performed so that you can use it on your new camera.

Service and Parts

Where is my repair or what is the status of my repair?

Please follow the link and check your order status using your email address and online order number:

Can I order parts for my SIGMA Lens?

Yes, we do sell limited parts to consumers please submit your request to along with a picture and description of the item you need.

Do you sell parts outside of the United States?

We only sell and ship replacement parts within the United States.

How long does it take to receive my part?

All orders are shipped within 48hrs of receiving payment.

What shipping method do you use to ship replacement parts?

All replacement parts are shipped via USPS priority mail unless otherwise stated.

My lenses needs to be serviced. How do I do that?

Go to the service and support sect. There you will find the addresses of the service centers located around the nation and the forms needed to send in your SIGMA product.

Please follow the link and check your order status using your email address and online order number: Dealer Service Form