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Meet the SD Quattro

Photos by Patrick Santucci - Tamanawas Falls, Oregon


Elegant design and high resolution electronic viewfinder combine in Sigma's first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.


The foveon Quattro sensor captures color information for each channel for unsurpassed color depth, tonal gradations and fine detail.


The Quattro sensor can now be paired with all Sigma Global Vision Art, Sports, and Contemporary lenses to realize your creative vision.

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SD Quattro + Prime 30mm | Art

The Modern Classic


What is the Sigma sd Quattro?

The Sigma sd Quattro is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to feature the Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor to build a complete system compatible with all SIGMA GLOBAL VISION high-performance interchangeable lenses.

Full specs

What is the Foveon Quattro sensor?

The Quattro-generation Foveon Direct Image Sensor has a stacked architecture that captures Red, Green and Blue wavelengths for every pixel in the image. This 1:1:4 array captures fine detail and smooth tonal gradations, making it perfect for photographers who favor image purity above all else.

What is the Sensor Size and resolution?

The sd Quattro features an APS-C sensor with a 1.5x crop factor with an equivalent quality of a 39 megapixels Bayer sensor.

What is A1 MTF testing?

Sigma Global Vision lenses in the Art, Sports, and Contemporary lines are designed and tested to very rigorous standards. The Sigma A1 MTF tester is a critical component in controlling lens quality during manufacture. The A1 MTF tester is equipped with Foveon sensors, which allows for detection of high frequency information not possible with Bayer-pattern MTF tests. Thanks to the pixel-level sharpness of Sigma’s exclusive Foveon sensors, the highest level of quality control is achieved, producing the sharpest possible optics in our factory.

What is the RAW format?

Sigma’s RAW file format is called X3F, a 14-bit losslessly compressed file which is processed in Sigma Photo Pro 6.4.

What is the Autofocus technology?

In addition to the contrast detection for AF which has been available on Sigma models several years, the sdQuattro features the addition of two new focusing technologies:

* Nine-point, variable-size Phase Difference Detection is combined with contrast detection to improve speed and accuracy.

* The new Focus Peaking feature aids manual focusing in the viewfinder. Focus Peaking outlines the edges that are sharp in a user-definable color in the viewfinder. It is easy to tell what is in focus with this feature.

What is Super Fine Detail Mode?

Super Fine Detail Mode captures seven RAW files in a bracketed burst to extend the dynamic range and reduce shadow noise when the series is processed as a single X3I file in Sigma Photo Pro. Since this is a multiple-shot process, it works best with perfectly still subjects; a tripod and cable release CR-31 are recommended to ensure shot alignment.

What is the resolution of the Electronic Viewfinder? Rear LCD?

The Electronic Viewfinder packs a 2,360,000 dots color LCD monitor. The rear LCD packs 1,620,000 dots for image display, with a side panel for settings. A three-way switch allows automatic or manual switching between screens.