Conversion Lens FT-1201

Camera Accessories
  • Designed exclusively for the dp3 Quattro camera
  • Magnifies the focal length by 1.2 times, becoming a 60mm F2.8 lens
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The FT-1201 Conversion lens with accordingly with the dp3 Quattro bringing the focal length to 90mm on a 35mm DSLR without affecting the 2.8 aperture. Taking advantage of the powerful Foveon Quattro sensor, the conversion lens brings new photographic opportunities to the Quattro lineup. The conversion lens includes 4 premium elements in 3 groups to ensure the highest image quality possible. 

Tech Specs


Lens Construction4 Elements in 3 Groups
Focal Length1.2x that of a master lens
Dimensions70x54.9mm/ 2.8x2.2in
Minimum Focusing Distance13.5 cm / 5.3 in
Filter Size (mm)Insertion-type gelatin filter into rear of the lens
Maximum Magnifications1:6
(Diameter x Length)
76.2 x 77.8 mm/3.0 x 3.1 in
Weight470g / 16.6oz.

*By attaching Conversion lens to dp3 Quattro, it can change the minimum focusing distance and the maximum magnification ratio as follows: 22.6cm/1:3 to 29.4cm/1:3.6

* The appearance, specifications, and the like of the product are subject to change for improvement without notice.

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