14mm T2

Go Wide, Go Fast
  • Bright Full Frame T2 Cine Lens
  • Capable of resolving unto 8K
  • Available in Canon, Sony E & PL Mount
  • 180 degree focus rotation
  • Key Features
Price: $4,999.00

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Price: $4,999.00
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Tech Specs

Supplied Accessory: Cap, Lens Support Foot

Focal Length              14mm
Aperture           T2 to T16
Number of
Diaphragm Blades
     9 (Rounded diaphragm)
Close Focus1            0.27m / 11"
Image Coverage             FF Φ43.3
Front diameter               95mm
Filter Size                  -
Length EF mount2             119.5mm
E-mount3             145.5mm
PL mount4             111.5mm
Weight5 EF mount           1430g/50.44oz
E-mount           1485g/52.38oz
PL mount           1340g/47.26oz
FF6               104.3°
S357                82.6°
APS-C8                80.5°
Barcode9 EF mount                TBD
E-mount                TBD
PL mount                TBD
  • 1 Close focus distance is measured from the image plane
  • 2 Front to EF mount flange
  • 3 Front to E-mount flange
  • 4 Front to PL mount flange
  • 5 Without lens support foot
  • 6 Horizontal angle of view for a full-frame camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.5,dimensions 36 mm × 24 mm / 1.42″ × 0.94″)
  • 7 Horizontal angle of view for a super 35 digital cinema camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.8,dimensions 24.6 mm x 13.8 mm / 0.97″ × 0.54″)
  • 8 Horizontal angle of view for an APS-C camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.5,dimensions 23.7 mm × 15.7 mm / 0.93″ × 0.62″)
  • The specifications are subject to change without notice.