Key Lenses for Wedding Photography

It's wedding season!

Spring begins the season of weddings. Sigma Pro, Lindsay Adler is a highly successful fashion photographer; you may not know that she started her career shooting weddings.  This month, she shares tips on choosing the equipment essential to getting images that capture the essence of every wedding taking budget into consideration. If you're new to wedding photography or wanting to perfect your craft, this is a must see video.  

From another perspective, Lindsay incorporates her fashion experience into wedding photography and creates the most breathtaking bridal shoots we've seen to date.  Take a few moments with Lindsay as she demonstrates how to add fashion flair to your wedding photos.  Watch and learn as she expertly describes how to incorporate techniques of fashion such as work-location, concept, color, hair and make-up and the use of available light to express your own vision.

Do I need to go to College for photography?How do you find models to photograph?Are your lenses different for the studio vs the field? What motivates you to succeed in photography?What unusual lenses do you use?How do you develop a photographic style?How can I improve my portfolio?