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New to the photography world: MC-11 Mount Converter for
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The full lineup of Sigma lenses compatible with the MC-11 for Sony a7,
NEX, a6000, and a5000 series cameras.

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What is the MC-11 Mount Converter?

The MC-11 Mount Converter allows for Sigma lenses in the Art, Sports and Contemporary lines to be mounted to Sony e-Mount cameras, with full lens functionality including aperture control and autofocus.

What lens mounts are supported by the MC-11 Mount Converter?

There are two versions of the MC-11 Mount Converter. The first allows for Canon EF- Mount lenses to be paired with Sony e-Mount cameras. The other allows for Sigma SA- Mount lenses to be paired with the Sony e-Mount cameras.

Is there a Nikon FX or Pentax K-AF version of the MC-11 available?

At this time, the MC-11 is offered only in the Canon EF>Sony e-Mount and Sigma SA>Sony e-Mount versions.

How does the Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter differ from other mount converters?

Sigma was one of the first companies to endorse and adopt the open standards for the Sony e-Mount system. This allows the Mount Converter to communicate effectively with both the camera body and the lenses to ensure smooth operation. Depending on the camera body, both contrast and phase-detection AF are supported. There are no optical elements in the MC-11 adapter, so maximum F-Stop is not affected in any way.

Do I need the USB Dock and Sigma Optimization Pro for my existing SGV lenses I plan to pair with the MC-11 Mount Converter?

For best performance, Art, Sports, and Contemporary lenses need to be running the latest firmware-- which can be easily updated when the lenses are connected to your computer via the USB Dock and updated through Sigma Optimization Pro in just a few minutes of time.

Does Sigma make any lenses that mount natively to Sony e-Mount cameras?

Yes, there are four DN lenses, the 19mm F2.8 DN | Art, the 30mm F2.8 DN | Art, the 60mm DN | Art and 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary which are native e-Mount lenses, covering the APS-C imaging circle.

Can Mount Conversion Service make a Sigma lens mount natively to a Sony e- Mount camera?

Mount Conversion Service, an exclusive lens-mount swapping service offered by Sigma, can convert Art, Sports, and Contemporary lenses between released mount variations of a given lens. Therefore, our DN lenses can be switched between micro Four Thirds and Sony e-Mounts, for a fee. But Sigma lenses in Canon EF, Sigma SA, Nikon FX, and Pentax K-AF mounts cannot be converted to Sony e-Mount.

The mc-11 Converter in Action

hands on in Las Vegas

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Photo by Brian Linhoff | Sony a7r mk2 | MC-11 Mount Converter | Sigma 18-35MM F/1.8 DC HSM