Polish your pro photography with our class-leading full frame Standard prime

Heads above its competition, the 50mm F1.4 | A marries advanced optics and cutting
edge technology for breathtaking performance at an unbeatable price point.

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Your artistic vision comes to fruition with the Sigma Global Vision Art line

As a paintbrush is to Van Gogh, so is our 50mm F1.4 | A to your creativity. Engineered to deliver faithfully for the professional photographer.

50MM F1.4 | A: Your Partner in wide-open Performance

Advanced optical engineering for wide-open performance that stirs the soul.

Realize your Artistic Vision


Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass is engineered with a Super Multi-Layer coating for outstanding contrast, sharpness, and color definition.

Uncontested Auto-focus performance Technology

The Hypersonic Motor
offers advanced algorithms
for swift, silent operation.

Give new life to your favorite Lenses

Nikon? No problem. Sony*? Sure. Canon? Can do.
Our Mount Conversion Service lets you change your
mount for whatever you choose to shoot with.

perfection guaranteed

Our MTF-A1 testing system upholds perfection in fine design, genuine craftsmanship
and 100% product inspection to ensure the legendary optical characteristics of a lens.

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we're leading the market
& stacking up accolades

Exceptional imaging quality
Gorgeous rendering of bokeh
A1-MTF tested with our exclusive super-resolution testing devices in Aizu, Japan
Optional Mount Conversion Service
USB Dock compatible

* The Mount Conversion is limited to Sigma's Global Vision lenses. Lenses can be converted to any mount of a photographer's choosing, as long as Sigma has released that product in the requested amount.