Michael Keel's North to Burney Falls

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17-50mm F2.8 EX DC (OS)* HSM
ISO Setting:

This week’s Fan Photo of the week is by Michael Keel. He tells us:

I’m a 35 yr old travel writer/photographer. The main magazine I write for is WHOA (what’s happening with original artists). I have been making photos since I was 13, inspired by my grandfather. whowas in the California Camera Club and Sierra Club back in the 1930′s. Amongst my travel writing and wildlife photography projects, this photo is from my personal project loosely titled, “My Childhood – Scenes of Northern California.” That hopefully may turn into a book; that’s the plan, but who knows–money is scarce these day. I was on a particular dirt road my grandfather taught me to drive on when I was about 13/14, or actually, just turn up dirt and make dust-clouds. At about 5:30pm, as I was pulling out back onto the main road to head back to my campsite, I turned my head to the right, and saw this fantastic scene of glowing light through contrails, clouds, and faint mountain tops. I grabbed my camera and carefully stepped into the middle of Highway 89 (we are talking logging trucks traveling at about 80MPH; I had to step a few times.) I wanted to get some good depth so I set the aperture to F/18, I was also freezing, so I upped the ISO for caution of my shaky hands.

I really like this shot, kind of fits the theme of the book, searching, remembering; memories go on forever. As a family, we spent many summers, 3-4 times a year up in the Lassen Volcanic National Park area. It is where I feel at home with my photography and it is a place I feel my childhood was left or existed. A lot changed through the years with our family, especially with our father being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I hope through these photos, others can relate in a similar way, and that they also serve the purpose of promoting preservation, conservation and restoration. This area means so much to me that there is not enough words or digital space to describe the feeling.

Highway 89 North to Burney Falls CA. (shot taken right after the Subway
Cave/Hatcreek area.) Sigma 17-50 OS lens with Polarizer, 1/6 second f/18, 640 ISO,, 34mm,

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