Dear users and potential purchasers of the SIGMA MC-11 Mount Converter,

Thank you for purchasing and using our products

In order for your Sigma interchangeable lenses in our Art, Contemporary and Sports lines to work effectively when utilizing SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11, the lens firmware may need be updated to the current version, which includes specific firmware enhancements to ensure compatibility with the MC-11 (Lens affected).  If you have the MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 you can check for compatibility:


The lens firmware can easily be updated with Sigma’s USB Dock (intro to USB Dock here), when connected to a computer with the latest version of Sigma Optimization Pro Version 1.3 (“SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Windows” or “SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Macintosh”) -- the dedicated software for the SIGMA USB DOCK and SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11. To purchase a USB dock for your Sigma Global Vision lens, please follow this link USB dock purchase: USB Dock Page

This update can be accomplished three ways:

1) If you currently have a Sigma USB Dock, please download SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 and follow the instructions to update your lens(es):

  1. Download software via link above (or check for updates in your installed version of Sigma Optimization Pro)
  2. Open Sigma Optimization Pro, make sure you have internet connection
  3. Connect lens via USB dock
  4. Firmware update authorization window will automatically pop up
  5.  Authorize update, which allows for Firmware update

2) Contact your local Authorized Sigma Dealer (check the Sigma Website for the authorized Sigma Dealer nearest you) for details on updating your lens(es) at their store. Please contact your local retailer to confirm details.

3) Contact our Service Department in Ronkonkoma, NY at 1-800-896-6858 or email us at on the procedure to send your lens(es) in for updating. The firmware update and shipping back to you is free. 


Benefit of SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3:

SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Windows
  • Now compatible with SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11.
  • Now compatible with Windows 10.
  • Corrected the phenomenon where click-and-drag operation for the Focus Limiter adjustment slider is not possible when the check box to switch the primary mouse button from the left to the right is ticked in Mouse Preferences within the Windows Control Panel. 

SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Macintosh
  • Now compatible with SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11.
  • Now compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11, and Condition of Operation has changed to Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. 
  • When adjusting the timing of the MF switch function, it has corrected the icon which shows the amount of the focus ring rotation.

“SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Windows” and “SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.3 for Macintosh” can be downloaded from the following page.

SIGMA Optimization Pro Download page 

※Please ensure the SIGMA USB DOCK has the latest firmware installed.

We appreciate your continued support for our company and products.