Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce that firmware SIGMA DP2 Merrill is available for download.

Benefits of the firmware update

SIGMA DP2 Merrill firmware [Ver.1.01]

  • Enables the setting of the ISO Sensitivity in steps of 1/3 EV.
  • Enables the setting of the Lower limit and Upper limit of the ISO Sensitivity in ISO Auto mode.
  • Enables the capture of a custom white balance image, the setting of ISO Auto range and the setting of Interval timer in Quick Set Menu. Speed of Auto Focus is improved by enhancement of the algorithm.
  • Incorporates Speed Priority AF mode.
  • Corrects the rarely occurring phenomenon that images cannot be reviewed or created when using the camera with some types of SD cards.
  • Corrects the unlikely event that in AF mode the image cannot be recorded properly even if the shutter button is pressed “all-the-way down”.

SIGMA DP2 Merrill firmware Ver.1.01 is available for download at the following site:

DP2 Merrill Special Site