Sigma DP2 Test Shoot



Introducing a camera that produces images that are works of art. The unreleased camera was put to task by shooters across the USA. Check out the dp2 Quattro Test Shoot Gallery!

Sigma dp2 Quattro camera

Sigma dp2 Quattro

dp2 Quattro

The Next Generation of Compact Cameras

  • Embodies Sigma's philosophy of creating cameras that produces works of art.
  • Redesigned processing engine, lens and body.
  • Unmatched image quality with the Foveon X3 Quattro sensor.
  • 30% increase in pixels and a 14% increase in resolution.
  • Spectacular images with an emotional, tactile quality.
  • Available at retail early August 2014.

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dp2 Quattro Test Shoot Gallery #SigmaQuattro

Follow the test shooters on their adventures with the dp2 Quattro, or learn more about the camera here.




See the dp Quattro Deconstructed

The dp Quattro is rethought, redesigned and totally unique. Check out our infographic, where we deconstruct
the camera and compare the Bayer and Foveon Sensors. Share it with your social network, or use the embed
code below to share it on your website.

dp Quattro dp Quattro dp Quattro

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