I was born and raised in NJ and started out attending art school in NY for graphic design in the mid- 1980’s. During that time, I received my first film camera and that moment changed the direction of my life forever! The camera allowed me to combine my love of our natural world by giving me the tool to capture all that beauty in an artistic way. I immersed myself in all technical aspects of photography, from my humble beginnings in a camera club, to now being a full time professional nature photographer. I still look back fondly at my early years because at the camera club, I met the two people who would mentor me through the years and soon become my friends! I have won numerous awards locally as well as nationally, but my greatest achievement has been the start of my own photography tour company called Roamin’ with Roman, that caters to small groups (only 4 participants in the US) and provides individualized attention. The company has since grown to include international destinations but the satisfaction I get from teaching on my instructional tours remians one of my most memorable photographic achievements and drives me to this day.

I still live in NJ and have been married to my wife Pura since 1989. She has always been my biggest supporter. After all, she is the one who gave me that first camera! She also gave me my greatest gift in my two sons, Gregory and Ian, and I know that I am truly blessed! In February of 2011, I released my e-book; “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky” and it is available as both a download on my website or as a CD.

You can find more of my work on my website or my most recent images, articles, and reviews on my blog.

Speaking engagements:

  • 100’s of presentations at camera clubs from NJ to Massachusetts.
  • 2012 speaker at the NECCC conference with over 650 people attending “night program” over 3 days.
  • 2012 speaker at the Nature Vision photo expo with macro and wildlife presentation.
  • 2012 speaker at the PSA conference in San Francisco.
  • April 2013 speaker at the St. Augustine Birding and Photo fest with a hands-on macro program and presentations on wildlife photography.
  • July 2013 speaker at the NECCC conference with a hands on macro presentation and programs over 3 days on photographing wildlife.
  • November 2013 keynote speaker at the Chicago area photographers (CAPS)
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