Fire Bellied Toad

NextPreviousCaption: Fire Bellied Toad Photo By:
Roman Kurywczak
70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro
1/250 sec
ISO Setting:

Underwater photography has always intrigued me but the time and cost to become proficient at it just didn’t fit into my schedule or my budget!  I am always dreaming of new ways to use my macro lenses and after a trip to the aquarium; where photography is difficult at best, I decided I would take the same approach as photographing through glass but at the convenience of my own home.  The Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro would be perfect for this!  Off to the local pet store I went and purchased a 2&1/2 gallon fish tank and 2 fire bellied toads.  I then went to a local pond and used a container to grab some duckweed out of it.  I placed a stone and the duckweed into the tank and then the toad.  I used 2 printed backgrounds (one of a sky and one of dark out of focus greenery) and carefully positioned them at the water line.  I also used a gold reflector to light the underside of the toad and a friend to constantly clean the glass of the toads’ footprints. They now reside in my large fish tank upstairs.