Summer Bloom High Key

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Roman Kurywczak
70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro
1/13 sec
ISO Setting:

What I love about macro photography is how accessible it is to everyone and you can do it at any time of year.  Flowers are always my favorite subject and even in the winter months are available in most supermarkets! I was photographing the “Fun with Stars and Stripes” image using my old light box for illumination.  It was set it on the floor so that I could shoot down at my subjects and straddle the table with my tripod.   I had bought a bouquet of flowers that day to photograph as well.  When I grabbed one of the daisies from the bouquet, I accidentally dropped it on the light table as I was walking by and it landed upside down on the table.  I loved the almost x-ray look it gave to the daisies and I then took a whole bunch more and just dropped them onto the table.  I then took a sunflower out of the remaining bouquet and placed it in the middle. As the center of the sunflower is dark, I used a hand held LED light to open up the center.